The Teacher’s Biography and the Adolescent Experience

November 24, 2023

The bulk of my teaching career has been with adolescents. As challenging as it could be at times, I have loved that work. Yet, while...

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Involution and Its Effect on Anxiety

October 22, 2023

My translator and friend Minfeng Wang spoke of the word Involution, which, in China, has become a buzzword affecting all aspects of life. In particular,...

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The Human Being Connected: Nature, Art and Technology

September 9, 2023

We visited the German Hat Museum in Lindenberg. It was fascinating to walk through three hundred years of hat fashion. Not only did we learn...

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Spring Mountain Adventures In California and Nevada

June 8, 2023

My dear friend Audrey flew in from Washington, DC in May and we drove into the Sierras near the entrance to Lake Tahoe and into...

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Painting Your Soul Garden: Where Am I From?

May 4, 2023

Each of our lives is more fascinating than any novel. It may not rival grand romances or thrilling moments that catch your breath, but it’s...

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Friends Old and New

April 2, 2023

My travels in March were to Florida and Texas, and the conversations and places offered a strong contrast— tropical Florida’s lushness and the rolling hills and...

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Exploring Templar Sites in France

March 4, 2023

My dear friends Paula Sullivan, Ann Matthews, and I have taken several trips tracking the Templars and the Grail in Europe. During the fall of...

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Reflecting on My Life at Home and in Southern Germany

February 5, 2023

When we travel far from home, sometimes things seem so unfamiliar and exotic, and we are transported into another world. Other times, there are just...

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