Service, Teenagers, Elders and Retirement

May 13, 2024

Service comes in many forms. Raising money for an organization, showing up every week to help at a food bank, or working with underserved children...

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Graceful Aging. Maybe.

April 14, 2024

Diane Goettlicher, a neighbor and one of my readers suggested that I should consider the theme of graceful aging. Diane is someone who hikes and...

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Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day 2024

March 17, 2024

International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world and in many countries as an opportunity to highlight the achievements made by women as well as...

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Remember There Are Russians Who Don’t Want War

February 13, 2024

For over twenty years I taught Russian literature to high school seniors. I admired the depth of the Russian soul, the great writings of Pushkin,...

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Hearing the Call of Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 17, 2024

Reflections on the Actions, Outrage and Heartbreak of 1968 Every January, when we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr., it is a time...

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Art, Creativity, and Working With Our Hands

December 11, 2023

(This is from my graduation speech for the International Handwork Program, given on December 10, 2023) My mother crochets the edges of handkerchiefs and embroiders...

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The Teacher’s Biography and the Adolescent Experience

November 24, 2023

The bulk of my teaching career has been with adolescents. As challenging as it could be at times, I have loved that work. Yet, while...

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Involution and Its Effect on Anxiety

October 22, 2023

My translator and friend Minfeng Wang spoke of the word Involution, which, in China, has become a buzzword affecting all aspects of life. In particular,...

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