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A Bit of Heaven on the Earth

By Betty K Staley   |   Wise Owl Press   |   2023

In this delightful meadowland fable, creatures of the forest try to guess the owl’s riddle—Too hoo, too hoo, a bit of heaven on the earth. Children will join to solve the riddle as each creature takes a turn. As often happen in real life, it is the lowliest creature whom others put down who is the real hero. At the end of the story, children learn how they can reveal the bit of heaven on the earth by themselves.

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A Guide for Teachers and Families

By Betty K. Staley   |   Wise Oak Press   |   2022

Do you want to bring Africa alive for children, engage them in hands on activities, and make learning fun? This is the book for you. Are you looking for African fairy tales? Do you want to see how to make African masks? Do you want to walk in the footsteps of contemporary African historians guiding you through the great kingdoms of medieval Africa? Teachers and parents who are looking for ways to share the richness of African geography and culture, tell stories, sing songs, play games, make musical instruments, recite poetry, and cook authentic African meals. This is a one-stop resource saving hundreds of hours of research and rewarding you with exciting experiences. A unique resource for teachers and parents to share the richness of African geography and culture; a treasure of stories for young children; songs and games, geographical and historical elements, art projects, making of musical instruments, sumptuous meals, songs to sing, plays to perform, and poetry to recite. Teachers have everything here to design a rich and exciting unit Suggestions at the end of each chapter offer practical experiences to bring the content alive. A must for anyone wishing to gain a living picture of Africa and share it with others. This new edition includes QR codes to bring the teacher and students directly into contact with Africans sharing their culture and experiences.

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Tending the Spark

Lighting the Future for Middle School Students

By Betty Staley   |   Waldorf Publications   |   2019

This book guides the reader through the middle-school years, focusing on the effects of early puberty and later emotional and psychological development. Through findings from neuroscience and insight from Rudolf Steiner, founder of the Waldorf school movement, we can guide youngsters through this time, find the spark, and help encourage it to the flame of enthusiasm. Examples are given of how to balance the influences of technology, consumerism, and intellectual cynicism to help middle-schoolers reach the goodness, beauty, and truth that lives within each one.

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Soul Weaving

Understanding and Transforming Ourselves, Second Edition

By Betty Staley   |   Rudolf Steiner College Press   |   2012

A companion book to Tapestries, Weaving Life’s Journey, this book helps us understand aspects of ourselves such as temperaments, soul types, and archetypes. You may tend to be an Active Talker, whereas your friend may be a Reflective Preserver. You may be predominantly a Warrior and a Caregiver, while your spouse may be both Innocent and Sage. Exploring these perspectives gives us deeper insights into our life’s choices, challenges, and goals. Considering the possibilities helps us to find balance and integrate inner conflicts.

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Weaving Life's Journey, Second Edition

By Betty Staley   |   Rudolf Steiner College Press   |   2011

Our lives are embedded in a process of time, so that we undergo change from one phase to another. Using this book, adults can recognize patterns in their lives. By reading a variety of individuals’ experiences as they move through the phases helps us gain perspective on our own lives.

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Between Form and Freedom

Raising a Teenager

By Betty Staley   |   Hawthorn Press   |   2009

Insights into the souls of children and adolescents including the search for self, the birth of intellect, the release of feeling, character. Teenagers’ growth needs are explored in relation to family, friends, the media, education, the arts and love. Issues around stress, depression, eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse are tackled, clarifying the options.

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Splinters of the Sun

Teaching Russian Literature to High School Students

By Betty Staley   |   AWSNA Publications   |   2008

Having taught Russian literature to 12th graders for 27 years, I used Russian literature as a vehicle to stimulate their interest and appreciation of the culture and to awaken self-knowledge. This book includes biographies of Russian writers, examples of their work, examples of students’ writing, and plans for teaching.

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The Sacred Passage Inspired by the Legend of Parzival

By Betty Staley   |   Rudolf Steiner College Press   |   2006

Using images from the medieval legend of Parzival, we gain insights into the stages of the teenagers’ contemporary journey and the awakening of their higher self.

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