A Guide for Teachers and Families

By Betty K. Staley   |   Wise Oak Press   |   2022

Do you want to bring Africa alive for children, engage them in hands on activities, and make learning fun? This is the book for you. Are you looking for African fairy tales? Do you want to see how to make African masks? Do you want to walk in the footsteps of contemporary African historians guiding you through the great kingdoms of medieval Africa? Teachers and parents who are looking for ways to share the richness of African geography and culture, tell stories, sing songs, play games, make musical instruments, recite poetry, and cook authentic African meals. This is a one-stop resource saving hundreds of hours of research and rewarding you with exciting experiences. A unique resource for teachers and parents to share the richness of African geography and culture; a treasure of stories for young children; songs and games, geographical and historical elements, art projects, making of musical instruments, sumptuous meals, songs to sing, plays to perform, and poetry to recite. Teachers have everything here to design a rich and exciting unit Suggestions at the end of each chapter offer practical experiences to bring the content alive. A must for anyone wishing to gain a living picture of Africa and share it with others. This new edition includes QR codes to bring the teacher and students directly into contact with Africans sharing their culture and experiences.

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Africa: A Guide for Teachers and Families is a carefully organized resource for teaching children and adolescents about African culture. This book is divided into geographical regions so each can be highlighted and contrasted. The songs, fairy tales, myths, biographies, art, and recipes are filled with highlighted with practical activities for each grade including kindergarten. This is an invaluable book for teachers in elementary and high school as well as for home school parents. Based on this extensive, well-researched book, teachers have created a full unit on Africa. Teachers and parents will welcome this updated and expanded 2022 edition of the successful book, Hear the Voice of the Griot!

This new and exciting edition makes the music, history, animals, and people of Africa come alive – as well as offering things you can make and do. Check out the interactive connections to YouTube videos, bringing Africa into your home and classroom.

“I am thrilled to know of your efforts to document the true beauty and fullness of African history, geography, and culture. I am impressed by the completeness of your work and found your style of writing to be terrifically engaging.”

  • Ken Chenault, first African-American CEO of a Fortune 500 company and Chair of Advisory Council of the Museum of African American History

“One of my priorities while serving as California’s first African-American State Superintendent of Public Instruction was to implement intercultural programs to insure that students appreciate and understand our nation’s rich multi-ethnic heritage. This book makes a significant contribution toward that goal.”

  • Wilson Riles, California’s first African American State Superintendent of Public Education


New Third Edition Book Review – May 2022

“This was my “Bible” when I taught an Africa main lesson block in 2009. Now here it is, in its glorious third edition, improved and expanded. It’s great. Betty Staley loves Africa in all its facets. Its 2000 languages, its 54 countries, and millennia of history are all highlighted here for anyone interested in teaching about African culture. There are songs, fairy tales, myths, biographies, art and recipes. It’s hard to know how to express to you how utterly broad and deep the material is. This is more than a book; it’s a Waldorf encyclopedia for teaching about Africa. All the stories, the geography, and the history is presented in a highly imaginative way. Teachers and parents will find something for every age here, from kindergarten through high school. This is the book that can help you and those you touch unlock the beauty, the majesty and the joy of Africa.”

  • David Kennedy, Waldorf Teacher and Founder/Creative Director of